Ceramics and concrete - We set trends!

At two locations in Portugal, Louro and Lousado, ACIMENTEIRADOLOURO (ACL) has been producing concrete building materials since 1975.


Today, ACL offers its customers worldwide an extensive, innovative and attractive range of building materials for civil engineering, landscaping, floor slabs, paving, patio decks, pool edge stones, 3D wall cladding, terrazzo and much more. Under the ITCOM brand, ACL expanded its range a few years ago to include innovative collections based on porcelain stoneware.


Touch me! This is how the models of the current ACL wall tile collection seem to invite you, and we would strongly recommend giving in to temptation. The 3D effect gives them clear depth, and the feel of the concrete material is very pleasant. Both features make both the naturalness of the NATURE line and the extravagance of the DESIGN line stand out noticeably and visually from the diversity of the wall tile range.


Thanks to their "look-and-feel", the models harmonise with a wide variety of materials, patterns, colours and shapes.


The models of the ACL floor tile and slab collection or the innovative ITCOM porcelain stoneware models offer matching floor coverings. The possibilities are multi-faceted and wide-ranging. 


Now it's time to discover the extensive product ranges of ACL!

ITCOM DEX - Ceramics Terrace Deck                      

ITCOM INCOCELL - Self laying, re-usable ceramics floor system

ACL Wall cladding -                DESIGN Line

ACL Wall cladding -                  NATURE Line

ACL Floor slabs and pavers and xx

ACL Pool Deck slabs and coping   

ACL Others, Gardening & Landscaping

ACL Building Materials and xxxxxx