ACIMENTEIRADOLOURO (ACL) was founded in Louro, northern Portugal, in 1975. A second production plant commenced operation in Lousado in 1991.


The successful story of this traditional family business has been defined by the development of outstanding products and continuous innovations based on concrete. The days of concrete being just a simple mixture of cement, water and aggregate are long gone. High-tech concrete is today a multi-component system consisting of cement, aggregate, water, additives, fillers and air.


In addition to concrete wall and floor cladding, ACL also produces and sells an extensive range of products for structural and civil engineering, road-building, horticulture and sports facility construction.


Customer wishes and needs are always ACL’s top priority. The ACL brand distinguishes itself from its international competitors and sets trends with individual designs and top quality.


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ITCOM INDUSTRIAL is a company specialising in composite flooring materials, with the aim of providing practical, reliable and flexible solutions and technologically advanced processes for all kinds of industrial fields.


ITCOM’s core business revolves around self-adhering floors for exhibition and retail construction, Pop-ups as well as terrace and balcony deck flooring made from ceramics and compound materials.


ITCOM offers its customers and partners unique solutions, and centres its actions on a customer focus, continuous innovations and product optimisations.


With a head office, showroom and research & development laboratories in Portugal, ITCOM® is today present in more than 28 countries, including Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, USA and Dubai (UAE).


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The continuous improvement of the quality of our products is an essential goal at A Cimenteira do Louro. Continuous assessment of the Quality System is a form of guaranteeing this evolution, considering that each business area will meet the requirements of the Quality Policy. Recent certification in the field of Quality, based on the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, allows for better adjustment to market requirements.



We protect our environment! For us, environment is not a trend.

A Cimenteira do Louro products are 100% recyclable, with all waste collected and reused, which made us the first company in the business to obtain Environmental Certification according to the NP EN ISO 14001 standard.