ACL Pool Deck slabs and coping

ACL pool deck slabs and coping are a great way to add an attractive element to your yard and outdoor patio space. While having a pool is certainly a great luxury, adding pool deck slabs and coping around a pool or patio makes it even more comfortable and eye catching, while also adding huge value to your home.


Pool Coping features either a bullnose with a top and bottom reveal, comes in straights, corners, multiple radius components or overflow grates.


ACL offers a great variety of pool deck slabs and coping. Both come in a huge variety of shapes, colors and formats to give you a nearly limitless number of choices. They combine style and functionality with affordability, so you can both relax and display your personal style.

Durability, versatility, ease of construction and low-maintenance are just some of the advantages of ACL’s pool solutions.


Presentation of the pool deck slabs and coping below in alphabetical order. Dimensions of the formats in mm, otherwise indicated. Please click on the pictures to enlarge!


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Mod. 977


6 formats


10 - 17,2 kg/piece


Available in 5 colour tones


Mod. 980


Rand format 500x300x30

2 additional formats (Corners)


10,2 -12,4 kg/piece


Available in 5 colour tones


Mod. 700 | 800 | 900


12 formats


10 - 56 kg/piece


Available in 5 colour tones


Mod. 400


6 formats


8,6 - 14 kg/piece


Available in 5 colour tones

* Slight variations in the granulometry and colour tones of the products may occur due to the characteristics of the materials and the photographic reproduction in catalogues and presentation on this website.