ITCOM INCOCELL - Self laying reusable exhibition, retail and pop-up floor system

INCOCell is a versatile, innovative and reusable self laying floor system for fast, easy laying. The floor slabs consist of a high-quality ceramic base and a polymer composite (rubber, fibres, 15% cork) cladding around the underside and edges. The polymer not only provides a high level of comfort and reduces noise but due to its chemical treatment also prevents the development of fungi, mould and odours.


INCOCell is ideal for use in trade fair and shop construction, for pop-up stores and -exhibitions. The slabs are easy to lay, and may be removed, replaced and reused umpteen times. They require no special knowledge, tradespeople, cement or glue. You just have to place them on the floor and that’s it. The new floor can start being used instantly.


INCOCell offers the following features:


- Innovation (ceramics without need for gluing in trade fair and shop construction, pop-up stores and -exhibitions)
- Aesthetics and characteristics of a sturdy and resistant unglazed ceramics floor tile 60 x 60 cm
- Abrasion resistant (abrasion class 5)
- Available in anti-slip classes R9 and R11
- Easy, fast and economic installation with no need to use adhesive or cement
- Easy cutting with tile cutter and carpet knife (polymer)
- Comfortable and low noise level
- Easy to clean (mist moisture, PH-neutral cleaner for porcelain stoneware)
- Easy removal and storage
- Umpteen times re-usability
- High cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the system





SIDE EDGES AND BACK: Polymer composite


FORMAT: 594 x 594 mm


THICKNESS: 14 +/- mm (10,5 mm porcelain; 3,5 mm Polymer composite)


WEIGHT: 24.17 kg/sqm (8.7 kg per tile)


FINISH: Rect . Lap . Pol


COLLECTION: Flat surface, various colour tones and effects



A: Full Body Porcelain Tile


B: Edges: Polymer composite


C: Bottom: Polymer composite


D: Fixing ring

Presentation of INCOCELL Basis Collection TORCHIS below. A wide range of additional colours is available as an option.

Dimensions of the formats in mm, otherwise indicated. Please click on the pictures to enlarge!


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Format: 594x594x14 mm | 8.7 kg/piece

Smooth finish (various slip ratings available).

Basis Collection TORCHIS - 6 basic colour tones.

Wide range of additional colour tones and finishes available as an option.

* Slight variations in the granulometry and colour tones of the products may occur due to the characteristics of the materials and the photographic reproduction in catalogues and presentation on this website.